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Craft Products History

Leading the Industry Since 1937

Craft Products Company, Inc. is a Pennsylvania corporation and has operated in the Pittsburgh area since 1937. Headquartered in Ross, approximately 6 miles north of Pittsburgh, Craft has developed a strong customer base in the field of industrial, commercial and institutional water treatment in an area encompassing Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. Craft also serves the entire water treatment market in the areas of analysis and reagent supply. Craft's Pittsburgh facility includes manufacturing, assembly, repair, blending, warehousing, laboratory and all support capabilities.

Craft has established a reputation as a superior, reliable, stable and flexible designer and supporter of water treatment programs designed to provide customers the most economical program available. In the area of analysis supplies, the experience that being water treaters brings to bear is the knowledge of the programs as well as the analysis requirements. Craft's deep expertise and their ability to supply the products their customers need when they need them has made Craft a preferred supplier to firms interested in making analysis an asset rather than an inconvenience.

Senior Staff Means Experience

The two senior staff combine over 40 years of experience in the areas of water treatment and analysis. John Baum, President, a chemical engineer, is a past president of The Association of Water Technologies, an international association of regional water treatment firms. Mr. Baum holds that organization's Certified Water Technologist designation, an objective certification of skill and experience in the field. George Fuller, Chief Chemist, is an environmental chemist and has been working for Craft Products Company for over 20 years. He has worked with most recognized experts in the field of analysis research.

The remainder of the technical staff are all degreed in chemical engineering, chemistry, or marine engineering. Our critical support staff all have a minimum of eight years with Craft, a sign of stability we are proud of. Our field engineers, outfitted with portable field laboratories, are able to field analyze parameters for boiler, cooling, process and potable waters. In conjunction with our laboratory and outside analysis capabilities, are equipped to analyze, report, recommend and follow up on virtually any water related problem.

Our Facilities & Private Labeling

In Craft's warehouse and fabrication areas they incorporate analysis capabilities for their water treatment firm customers for virtually any test from any manufacturer. Craft purchases and stocks materials from most firms in the field. Craft provides private labeling service to those who desire it. In doing so, Craft has become recognized experts in the area of DOT compliance in labeling and packaging for analysis products by their common carriers.

Craft's customer list includes internationally recognizable firms such as Westinghouse Air Brake, PPG Industries, Smith Kline Beecham, and USX. Our water treatment analysis product customer list includes virtually all the leaders in the field as well as many smaller firms.

Craft's employees are career water technologists who have developed a reputation for getting the job done right and at a reasonable cost. Craft's corporate goal for their customers has been and remains, to assure complete satisfaction.