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  • The Mechanics of Legionella Prevention
    Course: CPCT0923154
    Date: 2017-04-18T00:00:00
    Time: 2:00pm - 4:30pm
    Instructor: John Baum
    Venue: The 3000 Club at PNC Park
    Cost: $200.00
    Number of Attendees:  
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    This seminar is embedded in the afternoon session of The Mechanics of Cooling Water Treatment. It summarizes and explains what the Legionella Prevention Standard, ASHRAE 188-2015 means to facility directors, managers and maintenance personnel.

    Key Points of Emphasis

    • The Microbiology of Legionella – What is it and Who Can Get Sick?
    • The Mechanics of Legionella Growth – How Did it Become So Prolific?
    • ASHRAE 188-2015 – What is it and What Should I Do About it?
    • Risk Assessments – How Do I Determine if I Have a Bacterial Problem?
    • Legionella Prevention – What Actions Can Be Taken for Prevention?
    • Questions and Summary

    NOTE: These sessions are highly interactive. Questions and comments are highly encouraged. One of the goals of the sessions is to harness the experience and energy of the instructor and attendees to impart as much practical knowledge to the group as possible.

    Past Attendees have given these courses extremely high marks for course content, presentation, instructor style and experience, location appropriateness and overall value. As one multiple year Attendee (Boiler Room Chief/Supervising Engineer) put it,
    “I have been attending these types of Seminars for over 30 years. I think this one is the best I have ever seen.”

    What to Expect

    Course registration includes:

    • Full day registration includes continental breakfast, full hot lunch, refreshments all day.
    • Morning registration includes breakfast and lunch and refreshments.
    • Afternoon registration includes full hot lunch and refreshments.
    • Legionella Session registration includes refreshments.
    • All day Mechanics session is good for 8 hours Boiler Operator contact time.
    • Half day Mechanics sessions are good for 4 hours each.
    • All Mechanics registrants receive instructional guide including all slides.
    • All Legionella registrants will receive instructional guide with all available materials.
    • Sessions are held in the 3000 Club at PNC Park.
    • Parking is available across the street from the Club. Parking is reimbursed.
    The Lexus Club at PNC Park

    The 3000 Club at PNC Park is a premier meeting facility located on The North Shore of Pittsburgh, PA.  There are a number of moderately priced parking facilities close or adjacent to the stadium venue. The 3000 Club entrance is on the ground floor of PNC Park along Federal St. 

    The street address for PNC Park is: 115 Federal St, Pittsburgh, PA15212 

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