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Sanipur Services

We are a Certified Sanipur® Service Provider

Craft Products has become a certified Sanipur® service provider in the United States. Sanipur® has a full range of products designed to treat a variety of water issues including Legionellosis.

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Sanipur® Products
  • Sanikill: The Sanipur® monochloramine solution for the Prevention of Legionellosis. In order to effectively remove Legionella from water pipeworks it is necessary to use a continuous disinfection system.

    Sanikill is based on monochloramine. Some independent legionella experts have described it as the Best Available Technology for Legionella prevention.

  • Sanisweep: Thanks to its researches and tests Sanipur® has achieved the utmost efficiency of ClO2 generators at the utmost safety levels. Multilevel control systems in fact always keep ClO2 concentration well below the safety limits.

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