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We know water treatment solutions affect more than just your business.

Our four divisions of services lets you develop treatment processes that are good for  business,  customers and the environment.

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Partnering with the best in the water treatment industry.

Craft Products Group of Companies

Craft Products Group has the right solution for any water treatment program. From consulting, products, services and high risk Legionella prevention - we have you covered.


Craft Products Company

Specializing in Boiler and Cooling Water

Craft Products Company is one of the most experienced industrial water treatment companies in the United States. With a full range of boiler water and cooling water maintenance programs, Craft Products Company not only offers services but has a complete line of chemicals for any size water treatment program.

Craft Consulting

Advice from the Industry Experts

Craft Consulting brings our professionals face-to-face with your team in order to solve tough problems. Whether your company needs a complete review and upgrade of current practices or simply a check up of your water operations, Craft's team of consultants can make a positive difference to your bottom line.

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Craft Technical Training

Let the Experts Train Your Team

Craft Technical Training offers seminar based and corporate training to boiler water and cooling water professionals. Our courses are taught by industry professionals that work in the same enviroments as attendees. Real information. Best industry practices. Taught at the right level for your maintenance team.

Course Categories

Mechanics of Water Treatment
Mechanics of Legionella Treatment
Custom Training
In-House Training

Craft Legionella Prevention

Using Industry Leading Prevention Methods

Craft Legionella Prevention provides critical services for healthcare, hospital, hospitality and other public facing businesses to prevent prevent and mitigate Legionella bacteria. Craft is a certified Sanipur US distributor and a key component of our protection program.

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