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Craft Group Consulting

When you need advice, it helps to hear from experts that have seen it before.
Craft consulting services puts an expert on your team.

Consulting Services to Improve Your Bottom Line

Program Evaluation

Many competent Water Treatment Firms can get your Program 90% correct, and often customers are happy with that.  The 10% that is not quite right, however, can create problems that, if undiagnosed, result in failure of some kind.  Our experts will spend time reviewing the mechanical equipment, the treatment plan, the chemicals applied and the diagnostic testing being used.  They will make any suggestions they believe will help optimize the operations whether that be equipment operation fine-tuning, chemical feed or range changes, or application updates that may be pertinent

Program Design

If a Program Evaluation determines, or should a plant know they need a new program, our experts can provide suggestions for a complete program design. Program Designs are intended to provide the best system performance available by using the mechanical equipment at its fullest potential combined with the most effective chemistries to promote optimal use of the system. Our team will review your existing program and may improve on it or recommend a completely new program that is right for your application.

Failure Analysis

When a system fails to operate, whether it is due to actual piping or component failure or loss of efficient ability to perform the necessary heating or cooling function.  A full analysis of the situation and type of failure is the best way to determine how to restore function and take steps to prevent future failure.  Our experienced professionals are fully equipped to analyze, report on, and suggest changes to ensure as lack of future failure.

Design Review

When construction is planned, whether new or remodel, proper design and startup of all water use equipment are critical to allowing maximum efficiency and useful life.  By reviewing planned water treatment preparation and execution prior to execution can easily prevent loos of these important life-long features of any system.