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Craft Products

At Craft Products Company, we earn our reputation in the water treatment industry by consistently offering the superior products and services for each of our customers.

We Earn Our Reputation with each Customer

Complete System Surveys

Craft relies upon a comprehensive system evaluation to fully understand how the system is operating. To do this, a Craft Products engineer can bring a mobile field laboratory to any facility and evaluate the systems that are in place.

After taking samples and running site analyses the engineer will provide you with some immediate feedback. Full results of the analysis are contained in the follow-up report. Craft's follow-up reports have sufficient detail so that problems are identified and areas the could save operating dollars or increase efficiency are highlighted. Along with the system survey, an engineer will discuss the results with you and recommend steps that can be taken to solve the problems.

Design & Oversight

Once a survey has been completed, a comprehensive water treatment program can be designed.

This can include a combination of the chemicals listed in our chemical lists or special materials designed for your specific site.

Following the design of this, the program can be overseen in many different ways to ensure that it is providing the desired performance.

Most commonly this is accomplished through our Maintenance Program.

Maintenance Testing

Our field engineers will design a maintenance program that includes a series of regularly scheduled on-site visits along with complete testing and program oversight. A certified field engineer will run system water tests to determine the extent to which the water treatment parameters are being maintained and if the treatment goals are being achieved.

Maintenance and on-site testing services are priced separately from the purchase price of our treatment products. With this pricing structure, Craft Products can maintain lower product prices and design the most cost effective maintenance program for our customers.

Equipment Sourcing

Often, in order for a water treatment program to be maintained efficiently, control and pumping or feeding equipment is required.

From computer or analog controllers, to pumps to by-pass feeders and side-stream filters, we have access to any equipment that might be required to do the job efficiently and cost-effectively.

We have access to the right tools for the job.

Craft is a Ceritfied Sanipur® Provider

Craft Products has become a certified Sanipur® service provider in the United States. Sanipur® has a full range of products designed to treat a variety of water issues including Legionellosis.

Introduction to Sanipur® Systems